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. . . To him who has once tasted the reckless independence, the haughty self-reliance, the sense of irresponsible freedom, which the forest life engenders, civilization thenceforth seems flat and stale. Its pleasures are insipid, its pursuits wearisome, its conventionalities, duties, and mutual dependence alike tedious and disgusting. The entrapped wanderer grows fierce and restless, and pants for breathing-room. His path, it is true, was choked with difficulties, but his body and soul were hardened to meet them; it was beset with dangers, but these were the very spice of his life, gladdening his heart with exulting self-confidence, and sending the blood through his veins with a livelier current. The wilderness, rough, harsh, and inexorable, has charms more potent in their seductive influence than all the lures of luxury and sloth. And often he on whom it has cast its magic finds no heart to dissolve the spell, and remains a wanderer and an Ishmaelite to the hour of his death.
Francis Parkman

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 2010

Buck Frozen into the ice...broke a shovel trying to get the horns out....had to come back the next day with a pick axe.
Otter playing on the ice of the Clearwater

Wolf Kill on the ice of the Selway.....


Mojack said...

Here is a perfect example of a wolf kill just to kill.
Look at how little of the elk has been eaten!

Northstate Outdoors said...

That is a great pic - the white and red. Thanks

Ines Yorfeddog said...

I'd like to know how took the photos, they are brilliant!