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Francis Parkman

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My first, and very successful day of Wolf Hunting.

For messages, good and bad, sent to me over the wolf hunt go to http://wolfcomments.blogspot.com/

Nothing like the sun burning through the Forest Colors of late summer and early fall.

A nice moon made the evening all the better, and was a beacon for the Wolves to howl at....

After hearing the wolves howling and raising cane down in a drainage I went in before daylight to set up. At daylight I started calling, using a coyote distress call, and within 20 to 30 minutes they came in. This Female came out first, and I believe she winded me, since she turned to run as I took my shot. Even as I was skinning and taking pics after the shot the wolves were still making a rukas in the timber around me.


MitchW said...

I was just looking at Mike Hanback's blog and saw your pic -- I follow your blog, and all I've gotta say is Congratulations! Yesterday was our first day of bear season, none yet in MN...

Mojack said...

Robert is being very modest regarding this wolf hunt.

This was the first wolf checked-in in Idaho on the first day of the hunt.
Idaho has established a state wide limit of 220 wolves to be harvested this year.

There are press reports that 11,000 wolf hunting licenses have been sold in Idaho so far.

Robert got his on the first morning of the first day of the daylight only hunt.

That fantastic!!!

Nick said...

Congratulations. You killed two animals with an expensive gun wearing camouflage. It must be a challenge to do that.

What else do you do for fun? Hit children at the park? Kick old woman to the ground?

You should be proud.

MitchW said...

Bob -- looks like you've got an idiotic anti-hunter posting here. (The only reason I say idiotic is that he apparently missed the counting session in elementary school.) Very cool audio with the howling -- what's your thoughts on how bears react to packs of canines? I had a pack of coyotes starts yipping and howling about 45 minutes before dark last night, and none of us had bears show up...

suzee said...

Gary and I were so excited to see your picture in our local paper, with the great distinction of having the first wolf kill in Idaho! Congratulations!! I'm so impressed that you called them in! I think that would definately be the best way to hunt them... but it takes a lot of nerve... especially in the country you hunt in, where you can't see very far... and 25 yard shot is actually considered a long shot!!All of us that hunt in Idaho owe you a BIG Thank- You!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mojack said...

Wolf Management: Idaho Has a Proven Record
By Gary Power, Salmon Region Commissioner

"The impact of wolves on elk varies around the state. Some units and zones show increasing elk populations. Other areas are of concern because elk numbers are decreasing rapidly. The Lolo Elk Zone in north-central Idaho is an area where wolves are definitely impacting prey populations. Long-term research on elk in this zone has scientifically demonstrated that wolves are responsible for 79 percent of mortality on cow elk. Wolves kill 67 percent of calf elk over six months of age. Over time, habitat conditions have deteriorated in this zone and management objectives have been reduced to reflect habitat changes. However, the elk population has continued to decline at about 13 percent each year. This zone is an example of an area where more liberal regulated hunting would be allowed to help reduce predation pressure on elk. In addition, control actions may also be implemented."

Idaho Fish & Game Web Site

Robert harvested his wolf in the Lolo wolf zone.

Thank you Robert.

NDduckhunter said...
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NDduckhunter said...

Congratulation on the wolf, looks like an awsome hunt. Great pics also.

Wolf Kill said...

Congratulations Robert;

Hunted for wolves a couple of days here in Montana during the early season in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area...but only saw tracks. When the statewide season opens on October 25th...you can bet that I'll have that wolf tag in my pocket while looking for deer and elk.

I can only hope I get a chance to join you and the few others who are members of the elite club of successful wolf hunters in the lower 48. With that one wolf you shot, you saved between 20 and 30 elk.

Toby Bridges

Lexi Lee said...

Hey personaly I believe hunters are the more christianly folks around. Besides God put animals on our planet to kill for food an its not lik we're torturing them or anything. Hell we're more humane than slaughter houses. If these dumbasses wood wake up they'd relize we're doing them a favor, w/o huntin can ya imagine how many trucks wood be damanged by animal recks?

Anonymous said...

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